CarLock is the simplest and most effective car security and car tracking solution in the market, it is also the simplest way to make your car a connected car.

What distinguishes CarLock, is the simple to install tracking device which can be installed by normal users without having to visit professional technicians for the installation of the device. Also, CarLock have a free mobile app for smart devices (on iOS and Android), which is one of the most smart, beautiful and easiest to use mobile apps available on the market today. The app supports Arabic language too.

With CarLock Cloud, users can keep track of car journeys and alerts as well as the possibility to track and monitor more than one car at the same time. The CarLock app can be downloaded on more than one mobile device which allows for more than one person in a family to use CarLock and get instant notifications.

Prices are fixed globally, which is just another great feature of CarLock to ensure fairness of prices and service quality to all users globally.

Please visit the product page for more details, also you can check our FAQ section below or visit the company’s website

About CarLock, it is one of the emerging European companies specialized in the field of modern technologies to track and connect cars. The company launched on March 2014 and currently sell their products mostly within the European Union and the United States.

ConnectedWorld, is the exclusive distrbuter in Saudi Arabia.


How much does it cost?

CarLock Device costs SAR 630 + SAR 365 yearly subscription in CarLock cloud services.

It comes with an embedded data SIM, all data costs are included in the yearly subscription.

Also, it is covered with 2-years warranty.


We only accept credit cards and sadad account payments.

If you would like to pay cash on delivery, you can purchase the device from our store on (price may vary due to service charges).

Is the location of the car shown in real time?

The location of the car is updated every 20 seconds when the car is moving. When the car is stationary, the location will also refresh periodically.

However, the lag time between sensing an event and getting notified depends on the quality of the mobile network, but mostly there is less than 1 minute delay.

Does it affect my car's warranty?

The OBD - on-board diagnostic - connector is found in all cars manufactured after 1996.

CarLock does not interfere with your car and installing it does not affect your car's warranty, because the device only uses the OBD connecter for charging and does not affect your car onboard computer in anyway.

how to install?

CarLock device is designed to be easily plugged into your car’s diagnostics connector (OBD) and does not require any tools to be installed.

All cars from 1996 have the OBD connector. It is usually located near the driver’s knees, under the steering wheel. [OBD Location]

If you have an older car and want to use CarLock or if you have problems locating the OBD connector, please contact us.

more questions?

Please visit CarLock Main FAQ Section to find more anwers to your questions